Magic Lantern with Thingumajig Theatre


Performed by Thingumajig Theatre, (originally

commissioned by People Express)

Summer is coming and it’s time to leave the nest. But poor Silas the Cygnet! – he is not so sure. Having grown used to comfort and safety at home with his Mum, the challenges of moving out into the wider world seem too much. Will he make it through the Dark Woods? Perhaps with the help of some new friends….

'The Magic Lantern' is a brand-new interactive magical puppet show with a hands-on craft making activity developed with parents and SEN children and young people, in response to the impact of the pandemic.

In this new show by Thingumajig Theatre, expect lovely puppets, live music and a memorable, magical adventure designed to help families explore these challenging times as we carefully move towards connecting with people and places outside the safety of our homes.

Audience will be invited to join as bubbles, with each bubble given their designated seating and making areas. As Government per guidelines, social distancing will be in place.

All children and young people under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The maximum bubble for online bookings is 5 people per bubble. Please note one ticket will allow a bubble of up to 5 people.

Cost: £20 per bubble