Participating companies and their shows

 in 2005


                                    Festival Brochure 2005 (no PDF available)

                                see list of shows / companies that took part below:

JACK, Storybox Theatre, UK

With a handful of beans and a heart full of courage, Jack sets off on a tall tale of high adventure.

This production by award winning Storybox Theatre remains faithful to the spirit of the original ancient tale: a story of enchantment and magic, of cruelty and humour, of courage and ingenuity, and triumph over gigantic adversity.

Jack will surprise and delight children and adults alike.

PINOCCHIO, Indefinite Articles, UK

Steve Tiplady as Geppetto, uses the objects of a carpenter’s workshop to tell the tale of the puppet that wants to be a real boy and the puppet-maker who wants to be a real father.

Puppetry, shadows, illusion and live music combine in a show where thee is something for all ages; it’s inventive, visually and verbally witty, with a big heart.

HANS IN LUCK, Figurentheater Namlos, Italy

The story of one, that left, and now is blessed to return with lots of gifts. But be it gold, a horse or a cow... He does not make his fortune! And then there’s Johann, the one who wants to have it all. Now which of the two is going to be the lucky one? - A Grimm’s Tale that will leave you smiling.

The rustic simplicity of the Italian mountains shine through the work of Figurentheater Namlos.

CRAZY KITCHEN CREW, Peter Ketturkat Object Theatre, Germany

Welcome to a crazy world where corkscrews, strange mechanical brooms, a potato masher and soup spoons take on a life of their own. Everyday objects become fantastical yet believable creatures, who decide, with hilarious results, to take on people who are bigger and stranger than they are!

For more than 20 years this object theatre “Classic” has been delighting audiences all over the world.

ALFRED, Theater Laku Paka, Germany

Alfred is a stange bird. He’s got the power and size of an eagle, but still sits with chickens in a hen house. All he wants, is to become a good cackle bird. But no one likes him. Only Rosi, a small and brave hen likes Alfred just the way he is...

Theater Laku Paka has been performing on the professional circuit for the past 20 years. Chosen by the Goethe-Institut, this company has appeared at numerous international festivals.


A quirky piece of theatre using clowning and puppetry.

In a gardener’s wheel barrow, seeds grow into most extraordinary plants and battle with mischievous pests for survival. Hands-on experiences involve the young audience... Flowerpots become stacking cups. Have a go at watering a seed in a pot... Will it grow?


She had no bed to lie on, but was made to lie by the heath among the ashes; and the, as she was always dusty and dirty, they called her Ashputtel.

Banyan’s playful reworking of the Cinderella story explores its powerful and enduring fascination in an imaginative production that will delight the whole family.

HARE AND HEDGEHOG, Theater Laku Paka, Germany

A highly visual and humorous version of this moral tale. Laugh as a cute Hedgehog gets the better of a head strong hare.

This charmingly silly piece of theatre will appeal to all ages.

Without words.

TALL TALES, Poppets Puppets, UK

Kathputli puppets are hand carved and sewn with colourful cloths.

Be transported to the palaces of Rajasthan, as the exotic and beautiful Kathputli puppets imitate entertainment once given in the royal courts of  the maharajas. A taste of the rich culture of India!

THE SHAPECHANGER, Lempen Puppet Theatre Company, UK

Wilfrid lives next door to an old people’s home. He is friends with all of the residents, but his favourite is Miss Nancy. But one day she can’t remember him anymore...

A funny, yet meaningful story, masterfully performed with table-top and shadow puppets, Acting and live music. Enjoy the companie’s exquisite puppetry on their first UK visit!

FOR YOUR LEGS ONLY, Peter Ketturkat Object Theatre, Germany

The poem of the tale of a most remarkable hero who’s story has survived for over 1,000 years. Set in Denmark and Sweden during the 6th century, this story tells of Beowulf’s battles against supernatural creatures, as well as his own struggles with his strength and weaknesses.

Firmly established as one of Scotland’s leading puppet theatre companies, tour4ing for 20 years.

SHAKTI, Black Cat Theatre, UK

Meet the surgeon and his mystery patient. There is an important operation to be done. Don’t think this

is your usual operation. There are a few surprises lying round the bend..

Tof Theatre company was spotted at last years world puppetry festival in Charleville-Mezieres in France. This is the first time you can see ‘Bistouri’ on British soil. Don’t miss it!

SONATE A QUATRE MAINS, Cartouche, The Netherlands

Hilarious compere Pete White is back to introcuce a night of exciting and quirky pieces of Puppet Theatre.

Companies include: ‘Theater Laku Paka’, ‘Lejo’, ‘Thingumajig Theatre’, ‘Theater September’ ‘Hand to Mouth Theatre’ and others...

PUPPET CABARET, Various Artists

Have you ever dreamed of having wings? Follow the wacky adventures of Prof. Bix Horn as he flies by

the seat of his pants and tries to build a flying machine out of unlikely things. Soaring above is a Harpy bird who steals his most precious possession - but how will he get it back?

Puppetry and clowning together form this delightful show.

And on the streets we also had:

PUNCH & JUDY (Prof. Robanti)

THEATRE FOR ONE (Lempen Puppet Theatre / Theatre Lakupaka)

VARIOUS ACTS (London School of Puppetry)

SIDE SHOW BUZZ (The Wright Stuff)

ROBIN HOOD (No Strings)

GIANT WALKABOUTS (Vagabondi Puppets)

FESTIVAL TASTER (Poppets Puppets)


A Masterclass for Puppeteers by Peter Ketturkat