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DON CRISTOBAL, Pelele Marionnettes, France

This story of the avaricious Don Cristobal and his equally unscrupulous accomplice is inspired by the Italian ‘Comedia dell Arte’ tradition.

Pelele perform this anarchic play about the universal theme of survival with virtuoso skill and hilarious cartoon like picture and rhythm.

THE ELVES & THE SHOEMAKER, Theatre of Widdershins, UK

Shoooooes...! New shoes... Delightful on the feet. Soft, dancing shoes; swarthy pirate shoes; silver buckle and silken soles. No one makes shoes like an elf.

This well loved tale has been re-heeled by Theatre of Widdershins in their own inimitable style. Beautiful puppets, music, a kaleidoscope of miniature shoes and a comic mouse all make this show a must-see.

HANDIWORK, Lejo, The Netherlands

So simple, funny and clever. A pair of hands, eyes made of wood and music are the Ingredients of this brilliant variety show for all the family. A crazy pianist, a lazy panpipe player, a cool DJ and a children’s choir and conductor, are a few of the surprise characters you will meet..

Leo Petersen has been delighting audiences all over the world with his amazing hands.

THE AM-A-ZING THING, Lempen Puppet Theatre, UK

Storyteller, Peter Grimm finds a box and finds a ‘thing’ that takes him on an unusual journey, weaving it’s way through a medley of Brother’s Grimm tales, to finally unlock his imagination and free his stories.

Skipton based Lempen Puppet Theatre tour all over the UK and Europe. Here is your chance to see them ‘at home’.

THE FISHERMAN & HIS WIFE, Theater Laku Paka, Germany

This well known story is told to you on the handle bars of a penny farthing and the whole story comes

out of a tin of sardines!

Theater Laku Paka returns to Skipton with yet another fantastic, inventive show.

A SPOONFUL OF STORIES, Hand to Mouth Theatre, UK

The story Chef gets into a pickle when he tries to follow the recipe for the perfect story. Three old Tales are mixed together with a pinch of salt and baked to make a satisfying new one. Funny, fruity, musical, magical, tasty, and wholesome!

Acting, projected imagery and puppetry are blended together in this wonderful family show.

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS, Theatre of Widdershins, UK

After winning the National Trottery, Belinda Pig sends her three sons (Iggy, Wiggy and Ziggy) out into the big, wide world. But as we all know, the big, wide world has a big, bad wolf! Just how do you keep the wolf from the door?

A delightful show for the very young!

KATHPUTLI, Black Cat Theatre, UK

Kathputli puppets are hand carved and sewn with colourful cloths.

Be transported to the palaces of Rajasthan, as the exotic and beautiful Kathputli puppets imitate entertainment once given in the royal courts of  the maharajas. A taste of the rich culture of India!

WILFRID & the lost Memory, Theater September, Germany

Wilfrid lives next door to an old people’s home. He is friends with all of the residents, but his favourite is Miss Nancy. But one day she can’t remember him anymore...

A funny, yet meaningful story, masterfully performed with table-top and shadow puppets, Acting and live music. Enjoy the companie’s exquisite puppetry on their first UK visit!

BEOWULF, Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre, UK

The poem of the tale of a most remarkable hero who’s story has survived for over 1,000 years. Set in Denmark and Sweden during the 6th century, this story tells of Beowulf’s battles against supernatural creatures, as well as his own struggles with his strength and weaknesses.

Firmly established as one of Scotland’s leading puppet theatre companies, tour4ing for 20 years.

BISTOURI, Tof Theatre, Belgium

Meet the surgeon and his mystery patient. There is an important operation to be done. Don’t think this

is your usual operation. There are a few surprises lying round the bend..

Tof Theatre company was spotted at last years world puppetry festival in Charleville-Mezieres in France. This is the first time you can see ‘Bistouri’ on British soil. Don’t miss it!

PUPPET CABARET, Various Artists

Hilarious compere Pete White is back to introcuce a night of exciting and quirky pieces of Puppet Theatre.

Companies include: ‘Theater Laku Paka’, ‘Lejo’, ‘Thingumajig Theatre’, ‘Theater September’ ‘Hand to Mouth Theatre’ and others...


Have you ever dreamed of having wings? Follow the wacky adventures of Prof. Bix Horn as he flies by

the seat of his pants and tries to build a flying machine out of unlikely things. Soaring above is a Harpy bird who steals his most precious possession - but how will he get it back?

Puppetry and clowning together form this delightful show.

STORM IN A TEACUP, Horse + Bamboo Theatre, UK

Squalls, squawking seabirds, wou’westers, a skittish lighthouse keeper and a heroic rescue out at sea are the tea time ingredients that make Storm in a Teacup an enchanting and engaging show of magical puppet and mask theatre.

A classic mini-visual theatre piece from one of Europe’s leading visual companie.

LITTLE RED - you know who!, Freehand Theatre, UK

Taking a well-known traditional story (you know which!), this spell-binding play for young Children follows a magical path through the woods. Listen to the song of the red box, watch a forest grow before your

very eyes and find out how an endearing bear gets in on the action!

Freehand Theatre was formed in 1981 since when it has been enchanting children and adults alike.

PIED PIPER, Professor Popup Theatre, UK

This is one of the best loved children’s stories of all time!

Charmingly performed with mechanical toys, clockwork boxes, glove and finger puppets, gentle music and lighting this show is a delightful and colourful introduction to story telling and puppet Theatre for the very young.

PETER AND THE WOLF, Theater Laku Paka, Germany

This exciting company tells Prokofiew’s musical tale with shadow puppets, live music and a new perspective. The story is told by the wolf.

“It was early morning when I was out hunting for a nice, tasty breakfast...”

Theater Laku Paka returns to Skipton with this international award winning, performance.


Indonesian rod puppets tell the tale of a squirmy worm who causes chaos wherever he goes.

Using little spoken language, this visual, fast paced, action story crosses cultural borders in crazy

pursuit of the worm. Where is he now? Watch out everybody!

And on the streets we also had:

PUNCH & JUDY (Prof. Clive Chandler)

THEATRE FOR ONE (Lempen Puppet Theatre / Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre / Theatre Lakupaka, September Theater)

LATIN HORSES (Salsa Theatre Productions)

SIDE SHOW BUZZ (The Wright Stuff)

PIGGERY JOKERY (Hand to Mouth Theatre)

ZIRKUS (September Theater)

Participating companies and their shows

 in 2007

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